Treatment Services We Provide

Whether you suffer from depression or anxiety, OCD or other behavioral disorders—we can help. You are not alone, there is hope, and we have a team ready to help you feel better. We are available for telehealth or in-person appointments.

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Counseling Services

Counseling services can be a great tool to better your mental health. We offer a wide range of services with a variety of professionals so you can talk with someone who you feel comfortable with. We know the stress that comes with searching out a therapist, that’s why we have built a team of the area’s most qualified professionals that are eager to help you navigate towards a brighter future. To learn more about the counseling services we offer, click the button below.

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PsyCare offers TMS Therapy (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation), an innovative treatment cleared by the FDA in 2008 for patients suffering from major depression who have not achieved satisfactory results from prior anti-depressant medication treatment. TMS Therapy is non-invasive, it does not involve surgery, and it does not require any anesthesia or sedation. It is not taken by mouth and does not circulate in the blood stream throughout the body.

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PsyCare also offers SPRAVATO® treatment for those who continue to suffer depressive symptoms after prior anti-depressant medications. SPRAVATO® is a prescription medicine, used along with an antidepressant taken by mouth to treat Depressive symptoms in adults with major depressive disorder (MDD) and Treatment-resistant depression (TRD). If your struggling with depressive symptoms after trying two or more antidepressants and want to learn more about SPRAVATO®, click the button below.

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Test Lab

Our evaluations—available for ages 14 and up—are tailored to evaluate for conditions such as attention deficits, dementia, and brain behavioral functioning following traumatic brain injuries, strokes, and other neurological conditions. We also offer forensic evaluations for criminal responsibility, competency to stand trial, diminished capacity, fitness for duty, risk assessments for sexual offenders, and independent medical evaluations in civil cases related to traumatic brain injuries and/or emotional traumas.

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