COVID-19 Update for Our Patients: 3-23-2020

In order to meet the needs of our patients and still comply with the state and local recommendations and compliance—PsyCare WILL REMAIN OPEN with a reduced team in place, Monday through Friday until this COVID-19 event is behind us. For the safety of our team, our patients and our community, we will not be seeing patients in the office unless they are currently undergoing NeuLēnus TMS treatments (TMS). Other appointments will be conducted over the phone or via our telemedicine platform.

If you are receiving NeuLēnus TMS treatments (TMS) and feel sick or just uncomfortable coming to the office, we would ask that you call our office to let us know. In order to keep everyone safe, we ask that if you are sick that you cancel your session. We are doing our best to safely treat and serve our patients and would appreciate your help and understanding.

We have counselors and psychologists available through a telemedicine appointment if you need us. Our Psychiatrists will also do whatever they can to handle your care in the best manner available. Your health is of utmost importance to us—and we will still have options to help you. Due to the of the current pandemic situation, we will need to care for you and your family in a new way—but WE ARE HERE FOR YOU, and we’re just a phone call away.

Please stay tuned to our website ( as well as our Facebook page to stay informed. On behalf of the staff and clinicians at PsyCare—please know that we care, and that we are hoping and praying that this health crisis resolves in the near future.

Please don’t hesitate to call us if you need us—and know, that together we will get through this.

Stay Safe,

Jennifer Rader, Business Administrator


Are You Ready to Feel Better? We Can Help!

Did you know that 4 out of 5 people suffer from depression on a daily basis? With all the stresses of life today, know that you aren’t alone and that there are people just like you getting help everyday. At Psycare Inc. we take great pride in providing a wide range of services addressing a myriad of behavior health topics. If you drive a car, you know that it’s important to make sure your tires and breaks are in good working order.

Like a good mechanic, we want to make sure YOU are in good working order. Life is too short to not make the most of everyday and every opportunity. Connect with one of our staff and get ready to feel better! We have free parking, a convenient location, and professional team standing by to help.

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Children / Adolescents

Is your child suffering? To learn more, contact us today and we will set up an appointment.

Anxiety Disorder

If anxiety becomes persistent and intense, it usually reflects some underlying disturbance.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Affective Disorder, or manic-depressive illness (MDI), is a common, severe, and persistent mental illness.

Relationships / Divorce

Relationship issues can vary, and divorce can often create emotional issues as well. We can help.

Grief & Loss

Losing a loved one or a job can be a difficult blow to your emotions. Don’t go it alone—help is available.