Our highly trained group of physicians and clinicians are here for you and ready to serve all ages, families, and couples.

  • Dr. Dan Thistlethwaite
    Dr. Dan Thistlethwaite
  • Dr. Russell Voltin
    Dr. Russell Voltin
  • Dr. Steven Dreyer
    Dr. Steven Dreyer
  • Dr. Amy Wehrle
    Dr. Amy Wehrle
  • Angela Null, M.S.
    Angela Null, M.S.
  • Melissia Hardin
    Melissia Hardin
  • Brenda (Bea) Carper, M.S., LCSW
    Brenda (Bea) Carper, M.S., LCSW
  • Christy Haynes, MSW, LICSW
    Christy Haynes, MSW, LICSW
  • Mindy Stanley, ALPS, LPC, CRC
    Mindy Stanley, ALPS, LPC, CRC