Are you dealing with problems in your relationship or marriage? Are you ready for some help?

Coping with Trust

Sex, power and money—these three words can bring about the best or worst in a relationship. If you are struggling in your marriage with trust issues for a good reason (such as infidelity), counseling may be a good outlet for help. Likewise, if you are struggling with trust issues and everything is good, but you just don’t trust one another, or you may have some other barrier that keeps you from fully enjoying your relationship—we have counselors and therapist available, that focus on these types of issues.

Managing Divorce

Contemplating divorce, getting a divorce, and having gone through a divorce can all bring about a high level of stress, anxiety, and discomfort. Sometimes if these issues are drawn out over a long period of time, bigger issues, such as depression or other behavioral disorders can develop. Our team has helped many couples and individuals over the years and we are ready to help you through these difficult times. Call us today and schedule an appointment — we can help!

Child Custody / Separation Issues

Split families can come with much joy, and can come with many complications too. Custody issues may put stress on the parents, the step parents, and the children. Even kids from the other marriage can offer up a good dose of complications. Just remember that you are not alone. Many families experience separation and change, and they work out just fine. On the flip side, getting to “just fine” may take some work and counseling. However, we are confident that our counselors and therapist can help you through some of highs and lows you might experience when going through the changes brought on by a broken relationship or divorce.


Have you lost that “loving feeling?” Or, do you worry about the direction of your relationship? As relationships and people age, sometimes the flame burns a little lower. Whether it is a physiological change or emotional change—there is always an opportunity to reconnect with the one you love. Whether your issues involve trust or forgiveness, or you’re just wanting to make the flame burn brighter—we have several counselors and therapist ready to help.